Steinbrenner’s Money is a Yankee Doodle

By Ben Leong

I believe Jay Leno said it best the other night, ‘Did you hear Major League Baseball changed the date of the All-Star Game?’ Instead of one magical night during the summer, it will be played [81 times] at Yankee Stadium. What may be the biggest baseball transaction since the Yankees acquired Babe Ruth from the Red Sox back in 1919, the Yankees have now acquired All-Star Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers giving them eight potential all stars in their starting offensive lineup and an estimated $186 million payroll. In fact, this potential lineup is being compared to the famous Yankee lineup of the 1920s and 1930s that included Babe Ruth himself.
After all the excitement and surprised gasps that the Yankees could pull off something like this, baseball fans for the most part gave this transaction a thumbs down. Regarding their reaction to the transaction, 57 percent of the voters on chose the ‘disgusted and sad’ option. Over the past few days, I have heard and read complaints that the Yankees are playing an unfair game with their horrendously high payroll and their ability to attract key All-Stars. However, looking at this situation from a non-biased, baseball fan’s point of view, people should be jumping for joy. At least I am