A Message We Can Understand

Around this time of year, a lot of political groups are asking themselves one question day and night: How do we get young people to vote?
For one such organization, the answer was music. On Feb. 27, Music for America held a concert in Hollywood at the Henry Fonda Theater featuring live musical acts and political messages.
The acts that night all classified themselves as ‘underground hip-hop artists,’ but many included different musical styles from different cultures, mirroring the multi-cultural audience present that evening.
The messages being communicated were of equality and unity.
All groups expressed heavy political overtones in their lyrics which reenforced the show’s message of political awareness. Such artists included Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, Abstract Rude, Burning Star, Move.Meant and MC/Guest Speaker Saul Williams.
Song messages that night ran from war and peace, to apathy, to corporate greed within our country, to talks of revolution.
While the night’s events consisted mainly of musical entertainment, the political agenda of the night was not lost.
The event was catered towards a predominantly young audience, members of whom were generally between the ages of 15 and 23