Point us to the Guilty Parties at Colorado

The shameless actions of a few individuals have the ability to tarnish the image of an entire unit. Such is the case that recently occurred at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Three weeks ago, six different women came forward and accused several former Colorado football players of raping them during a party. Then came the allegations that the Colorado football program had lured potential recruits by supplying alcohol and hosting sex parties.
Soon after the rape charges reached open airwaves, football Head Coach Gary Barnett made damaging remarks. When asked to comment on kicker Katie Hnida, one of the six women who had allegedly been raped, Barnett responded by ridiculing Hnida’s playing ability.
Following his remarks, Barnett was immediately put on administrative leave by school officials. The issues snowballed in Boulder, plunging the Colorado athletic department and the surrounding university into a firestorm of controversy. Not only was the whole athletic department administration taking heat for events that transpired in the football program alone, but Barnett became the scapegoat of the entire controversy.
The topic at hand should not focus on Barnett’s gender-intended derogatory comments, nor should the subject be centered on the multiple accusations of rape.
Instead, the focus should be directed elsewhere