Anteater Club Profile

Boarding @ UCI

To get people interested in snowboarding and skiing.
Meetings are held once a month to pass out information on upcoming trips and parties. E-mail is the major form of communication in this club.
Why join this club?
The UCI Board Club Web site contains extensive information about the organization. Established in 1971, Board Club at UCI represents the largest sports and recreational organization on the UC Irvine campus. There are over 200 members in the club. The Board Club offers many activities for its members, such as local and out-of-state trips, frequent meetings, club parties, free giveaways, social functions and discounts on apparel and equipment.
According to Board Club president Erin Oldaker, even if you don’t snowboard, ski or skate, you should join.
‘We accept everyone! You don’t even have to know how to ski or snowboard. There are a lot of people willing to help you. One of their biggest events is the All Cal which is held the week after fall quarter. The All Cal gets the Board Club together with the board clubs at other UCs and go on a huge trip to board and have fun,’ Oldaker said.
‘We have good relations with all the other ski and snowboard clubs at every other UC so there’s a great opportunity to meet new people not only at our campus but at other campuses as well,’ said Jeff Takai, head of publicity. ‘Also, if you have friends at other UCs, this provides a good chance to meet up.’
This past winter break, the Board Club went to Big Sky Resort in Montana. However, the Board Club does not only hold winter events. They have parties and events throughout the year. For their upcoming spring and summer events, they’re planning a trip to Mammoth (April 16 to 18), Coachella Music Festival (May), Whole Earth at UC Davis (May 7 to 9), Float Trip in Northern California (May 21 to 23) and Houseboat Trip (Memorial Day weekend).
What are the goals for your club?
‘Basically, to have fun and try to get people to snowboard, ski and skate. Many people say they don’t go snowboarding or don’t want to go because it’s too expensive but we want to show them that it’s not too expensive because we budget to college students,’ Takai said.