From ‘With It’ to ‘Senior Listener’ at 22 Years-old

As the always-wise Homer Simpson says, ‘I used to be with it, until they changed what ‘it’ was.’
At a recent Limbeck show at Chain Reaction, surrounded by young’uns in their too-cool Converse and puffy red acne-ridden complexions, I suddenly felt Grandpa Simpson old.
I smiled at the concession which sold only pop and water and cringed at the 13-year-old in front of me seeking so desperately to be ‘unique’ that she thought it was OK to wear argyle leg warmers with her Mary Janes and cargo minskirt.
Ahh … adolescence.
While there’s nothing like pink converse-wearing punk rockers who use ‘ohmygodlikehetotally-lookedatme’ every two seconds to make me feel old, by the time Limbeck went on (the fifth band of the show), the feeling wasn’t just psychological, it was physical