Let’s Vote ‘Maybe’ for a Republicrat!

Politicians and pundits have exerted considerable time and energy defending their leaders and criticizing the opposition. Republicans and Democrats alike show up on Fox News and attempt to prove that drastic changes will occur if the other party gains too much power. There is an apparent focus on the Vietnam War because Bush and Kerry had such different perspectives in the past. I feel as though the media must examine their different wartime attitudes and actions over 30 years ago, because Bush and Kerry’s views are so similar to each other today.
The campus Republicans and Democrats should really bring their tables together on Ring Road and share the same tablecloth (note to Republicans: Don’t worry, you can still be on the right side). Honestly, take a look at the Bush/Kerry biography: Privileged New England prep-school boy enters Yale University and is ‘tapped’ into the ‘Skull and Bones’ secret society, considered to be one of the most elite and connected fraternities in the world (do yourself a favor and look it up). He wears a military uniform in his early 20s (OK, one gets a confirmed kill and the other doesn’t). He enters graduate school in 1973 and is groomed for achieving power.
Still not convinced? Understandable. Take a look at their recent political records: Kerry votes in favor of the Patriot Act, Bush signs. Kerry votes in favor of the Iraq war resolution, Bush signs. Kerry votes in favor of the largest increase in military spending, Bush signs (including the endorsement of weapons programs Kerry had previously opposed). Kerry votes in favor of Bush’s tax cuts, Bush signs. Kerry votes in favor of ‘No Child Left Behind’ (this bill comes from W’s ‘compassionate’ side).
Kerry really has a lot of nerve stating that he opposes some of these policies. They both oppose gay marriage, they both have corporate special interests filling both of their pockets and they both encourage American capitalism across the globe. Environmentally speaking, I must admit Bush and Kerry are not very similar. There may be some parallels concerning this and previous drug habits.
The plot thickens, sort of. According to Bruce and Kristine Harrison, Hawaii-based publishers of historical databases, Bush and Kerry are actually 16th cousins, three times removed. When asked, a Bush spokeswoman had no comment. Genetic conspiracy or not, I think traditional labels coming from mainstream media, such as conservative and liberal, are really beginning to lose meaning, and the political spectrum in Washington appears to be narrowing. For the love of politics, pick up the remote and change the channel to C-Span (please don’t be thinking that channel is too boring). If so, you are probably one of those people who would rather watch ‘Hannity and Colmes’ a.k.a. ‘Brainwash Central.’

Kevin Collins is a fifth-year English major.