News in Brief

Results for March 2 Primary Elections and Propositions
In the first-ever election where all voters had to cast their ballots electronically, on March 2 the people of California finally decided the outcomes for many propositions and party nominations.
Although 56.9 percent of Orange County voters turned down Proposition 55, it narrowly passed statewide with 50.7 percent of all California voters in favor of it. The Proposition will provide $12.3 billion to California schools to improve facilities, and UCI will receive $100 million.
Proposition 56, which would have lowered the requirement needed for the legislature to pass budget related bills down from a two-thirds to a 55 percent majority, was rejected by 65.7 percent of voters.
Voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 57 and 58 with 62.3 and 71.0 percent approval, respectively. These Propositions will provide a $15 billion bond to pay off the state’s budget deficit and require the state to balance the budget and prohibit any future deficit bonds.
In regards to the passage of the three propositions, in a statement issued by UC President Robert C. Dynes on March 3, Dynes said, ‘The passage of these ballot measures will prevent even worse damage to the UC programs.’
Chuck DeVore won the Republican nomination for the 70th State Assembly seat and will run against Democrat Carl Mariz in November.