UC Irvine Defeats Furman

‘When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.’ That’s exactly what the UC Irvine Women’s Tennis team did March 3, defeating the Furman Lady Paladins (5-2).
UCI and Furman tied match for match in doubles, and it all came down to the last of three matches in the set to take the point with freshman Jayme Hu and senior Christie Posner of UCI desperately fighting Shannon Moore and Lisa Bornt-Davis. After an exhausting seven-all match, Hu and Posner re-grouped and took charge, finishing 9-8 over Furman.
‘I think we tried hard to stay positive. We both had a lot of fight in us. It pushed us through the match,’ Hu said.
Hu, who has just returned to the court after a four-month rehabilitation period for an injury, started her spring season both excited and successful.
‘I knew it would be tough. I haven’t played in four months. We had to be tough, and it was going to be ugly. I’m excited that we came out with a win. It enabled us to help the team.’
In singles, the success seemed to catch fire and spread. Strong and focused UCI senior Tiffany Chang defeated Mary Neill Hagood in the first match boosting UCI up 2-0.
Junior Anna Bentzer defeated Chelsey Thompson in her match.