News in Brief

Irvine City Police Capture Suspects in Local Robbery
On March 29, the Irvine Police Department received a report from a witness who observed two suspicious subjects enter the side rear of her neighbor’s resident on Photinia Street.
Officers at the scene observed an open window with the screen removed at the home. The suspects were observed from outside the house.
After exiting the house, the suspects scaled the backyard wall in an attempt to an escape. They were then met with police officers who took them into custody.
It is believed that the suspects were going door-to-door posing as solicitors, searching for homes where owners were away.

Huntington’s Disease Protein Discovered
UCI scientists have identified a protein they believe can trigger the onset of Huntington’s disease, an incurable genetic brain disorder that affects some 30,000 people in the United States.
Using fruit flies and cultured cells as research subjects, the researchers found that a small protein called SUMO-1 modifies a mutated protein linked to the disease, changing its chemical properties and making it significantly more toxic.
Since Huntington’s is a dominant disease, a child with one parent who carries the gene that creates these mutated proteins runs a 50 percent chance of getting Huntington’s disease.