UCI Captures Spring Invitational Crown

In the second day of competition during the Seventh-Annual UCI Spring Invitational, the UC Irvine Women’s Tennis team dominated the opposition. During the day-long event, Irvine faced Idaho State in the singles matches while they competed against the University of Nevada in doubles play.
The Anteaters would go on to advance to the championship game against Brown University, coming out 4-3 winners to win the Spring Invitational.
The invitational kicked off in the morning with the doubles matches. The lady Anteaters struggled in the beginning because many of them were still becoming accustomed to playing with each other as relatively new pairs in the doubles match. Nevertheless, they soon were in sync with each other and came on strong throughout the set.
In the number one doubles match, senior Christie Posner and freshman Jayme Hu exemplified team effort. Hu’s power serve and baseline shots complimented Posner’s return volleys. Nevada never seemed to gain momentum against Posner and Hu as the Anteaters prevented the idea of a comeback by capturing every rally point against Nevada and ultimately winning the set 8-4.
‘Coach wanted us to go out and focus on making shots,’ Hu said.
On the second doubles court was UCI junior Erin Hois and freshman Natalie Jacobs who both displayed excellent teamwork and hustle. Nevada hit some great shots but the Anteaters’ powerful return serves kept it a close match against the Wolf Pack. In the end, the Anteaters prevailed and won 8-6.
‘I’m glad [with] the way we finished and I’m proud of them because this is the first time these doubles partners have been paired together,’ said Head Coach Mike Edles.
A win in doubles competition gave UCI the momentum they needed before they played their singles matches later in the afternoon.
After a quick break in action, it was time for the singles players to showcase their talents against the Idaho State Bengals.
The Anteaters again overwhelmed their opponents, breezing to victory against the Bengals 5-1 to advance to the championship game where they then defeated the Brown Bears 4-3. Senior Tiffany Chang, who played in the number one singles match, defeated her opponent Armine Sarkavagyan in straight sets of 6-1, 6-1.
In the number three singles match, junior Kristina Boss defeated Denise Cockrell in straight sets to take the victory for UCI 6-3, 6-4. In the fourth court, Posner was able to defeat Hayli Scott from the Bengals 6-1, 6-0. The Anteaters’ domination continued in the number five singles match as sophomore Veronica Fermin was victorious by winning in straight sets 6-0, 6-0.
‘We’re just starting to come into our own,’ Edles said. ‘We have three weeks left to get ready for the conference championships and with the great leadership on the team we are very optimistic that we are on track to meet our goals.’
‘We are a team that is on the incline rather than most who are declining here at this point of the season,’ Edles said. ‘We should be a scary team to face in the conference championship.’