Letter to the Editor

Welcome to the Real World
Of the few protesters who were recently arrested on campus for interfering with engineering work at the Trashy Trailer Park, one held a sign which read, ‘Is UCI against the principle of having grad students?’ What appalling ignorance. What has the enforcement of local building codes and a five year old contract to do with ‘having grad students’? Nothing. In point of fact, most grad students do not live in the Trashy Trailer Park. When I studied for my upper-division degree, I worked full time and raised two children while living in my home.
I was at UCI just a few weeks before all this furor hit the newspapers. When I saw this barrio, I was amazed at it and quickly retrieved the camera I keep in my briefcase. I complained about the numerous code violations to the city and county, forwarding them many documentary photographs.
Time to wake up and smell the coffee, kiddies. Quit whining and get a job. See what it’s like to be on your own.

John Jaeger