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CALPIRG Gains National Support For Campaign
On April 8, supporters of public interest group CALPIRG held a press conference to gather support for their high textbook prices campaign.
Hundreds of math professors from over 100 universities addressed textbook publishing company Thomson Learning after the company dismissed student concerns about high textbook prices.
A study conducted by CALPIRG found that students are paying an average of $900 a year for textbooks, a significant increase from previous years.
One of the main supporters of the campaign is UCI’s very own director and chair of the Department of Mathematics, Bernard Russo.
Russo, who has been a professor of mathematics at UCI since 1965, claims that new mathematics textbooks are a nuissance for faculty members.
According to a letter sent by Ronald G. Dunn, president and CEO of Thomson Learning, changes made to mathematics textbooks are the result of market feedback from professors who have used the book and recommended specific improvements. Dunn also claims that the technology supplements including CDs and online learning aids are indeed helpful to students, according to widespread positive feedback.
Currently, the campaign has gained publicity from ‘TIME’ and ‘Newsweek,’ as well as KOCE-TV.