Academic Affairs

Geoffrey Enriquez
Fourth-year aerospace engineering major
Why are you interested in this position?
I am interested because this position deals with the educational quality on campus. Educational quality includes how students feel about their professors, how reflective courses are compared to student wants, and how effective educational resources are to students. Also, it is a possibility that outreach funds will once again be made available to student initiated outreach programs. Passing SOAR will help to create equal educational access so long as student outreach programs target high school students who are either entering high school or are high school freshmen.

In what ways are you qualified to become a leader on campus?
I have been a part of various organizations on campus and have taken leadership roles in those organizations, including TAPS and FUSION. Additionally, I have worked this past year as the Student Recommended Faculty Program Commissioner in Academic Affairs, so I am familiar with the various programs that are a part of the office.

What changes do you want to see take place next year in the educational system at UCI?
One change I would like to see is more student involvement in educational policy decision making.