Administrative Affairs

Raymond Giang
Second-year computer engineering major

Why are you interested in this

I’m interested in this position because I’ve seen what Ashley, the current VP of Administrative Affairs, has been doing, and I want to continue her work. I also enjoy working with various parts of the administration and I want to keep students up to date on important subjects.
In what ways are you qualified to become a leader on campus?

I’ve been working in ASUCI for a year as the Engineering Representative on Legislative Council. I am also a member of ESC and EVA and I am an ex-officio on P council (the engineering president’s council). I believe my experiences working in these areas have given me the training and experience necessary to succeed as a vice president.
How will you effectively increase communication between the student body and the administration?

I plan on increasing student awareness by advertising issues that affect them. Right now many students don’t even know what’s going on in ASUCI or in the school itself, and to fix this I plan on campaigning and advertising more. If people know that there are issues out there, they may take the initiative to learn more about them.