Kerry Holds Press Conference

As part of his Change Starts With U: Kerry Campus Tour 2004, senator and presidential candidate John Kerry hosted a conference call on April 13 with college newspaper reporters discussing issues important to America’s youth, his vision for the country and his challenge to young citizens to take an active role in their communities.
Kerry’s primary issue on the agenda was college affordability, where he stated that over the last three years college tuitions have risen over 28 percent.
The Massachusetts governor attributed President Bush’s tax cut for the wealthy as a tuition tax increase for the students.
‘There’s about a $200 billion shortfall to the states across the country, and that needs to be turned around,’ Kerry said.
Kerry promised a $25 billion one-year aid-to-the-states program called State Tax Relief and Education Fund that will curb the problem.
He also called for a substantial tax credit that he claims will help students pay for college.
‘I have $50 billion in tax credits to help pay for college, $4,000 per student tuition tax credit in order to try and reduce the impact of the last few years,’ Kerry said.
Kerry challenged students to choose between common sense and a failed economic policy, which he claims is the reason for three million people losing their jobs