Punk Voter Tour Hits the Bren Events Center

From the moment one walked into the Bren Events Center for the Punk Voter Tour, the significance of the tour hit hard. The merchandise tables had T-shirts sporting the tour’s alternate moniker, ‘Rock Against Bush 2004.’ Booths for organizations like Plea for Peace and Punk Voter scattered the lobby as clipboard-bearing punks made sure attendees were registered to vote.
The crowd was as diverse as it gets for punk shows, and included high school kids with mohawks and black Dickies, 30-something punks who have liked NOFX for decades and probably got drunk before the show, curious UCI students, Alkaline Trio fans and the usual show whores like myself who go to these things more often than church.
As with most shows, the bulk of the crowd showed up well after the start of the show, only interested in seeing Alkaline Trio or NOFX. For those who were keen enough to show up on time, they were treated by an energetic performance by Authority Zero, a band from Mesa, Ariz.
At the start of their set, Authority Zero’s sound could be described as straight up punk