Students Discuss George W. Bush’s Effectiveness

President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry have secured their partie’s nominations months ahead of their parties’ respective conventions. As the two front runners for the upcoming presidential election, students reflect on Bush’s presidency and what they think is best for the country as well as Iraq.
Kenan Hneide, a third-year computer engineering major, explained that he feels Bush made the decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan without reason.
‘There are a bunch of places that the U.S. army is in, but when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not justified,’ Hneide said. ‘He promised a lot of things when it comes to reconstruction of the countries afterwards. Just watch the news and see what is going on in Iraq right now and you will see it’s not reconstruction. It’s all tearing down buildings and killing people.’
Hneide also said that he finds it ‘outrageous’ that no one has spoken out against the lies that Bush has told.
‘He’s a hypocrite and sometimes a liar even when it comes to saying stuff and doing the opposite. I heard a lot of the reasons why the U.S. army went to Iraq and we didn’t find any [weapons, so] the reason to go to Iraq was false. And nobody said anything about it,’ Hneide said. ‘It says the United State’s president, one of the most powerful people in the world, can lie and get away with it.’
Ruth Hwang, a fifth-year political science major, said she also does not agree with Bush’s decision to invade Iraq because he did not receive international support beforehand.
‘He should have gotten support from the international community first that would have made it more valid. He’s expecting help [from other countries] for reconstructing [Iraq],’ Hwang said. ‘I don’t think it’s fair to ask for their help when they didn’t even agree to go to war in the first place.’
Hwang feels Bush should have been more conscientious about the negative impacts that war would have on Iraqi civilians.
‘He didn’t really think about the people who would be suffering from it which are the civilians,’ Hwang said. ‘I mean once we stepped in, we can’t step out