Dental hygiene is so important that even on our busiest days we still manage to brush our teeth once, if not twice, a day. Unfortunately for some of us, and even more unfortunately for those who have to be around us, despite your best efforts there’s just not enough time in a day to brush our teeth.
At their Feb. 21 House of Blues Anaheim stop while on a national tour with fellow pop-punk heavy-hitters Simple Plan and MXPX, Sugarcult’s vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Tim Pagnotta sat down for a moment to express his thoughts on their latest album, music in general and bad breath.
‘The tour has been going good so far, but I’ve been having world class bad breath every day of the tour,’ Pagnotta said. ‘My maximum days without brushing my teeth on this tour has been six, but today I’m working on two.’
Cue the dropping of the jaw in order to switch the breathing from out of the nose to out of the mouth as a precautionary method, despite being seated a safe two feet away from Pagnotta.
‘It accidentally happens,’ Pagnotta explains. ‘Like great art, bad breath accidentally happens. There are other factors involved: alignment of the stars and planets, availability of toothbrushes and toothpaste and what not.’
Perhaps Pagnotta is subconsciously refusing to brush his teeth in order to keep people, specifically odd females, away from him.
‘Here’s a classic what-it’s-like-being-in-a-band story,’ Pagnotta began. ‘Someone last night that I was hanging out with, handed the telephone to me and it was her mother asking me, or telling me, rather, to look after her daughter because her daughter was hanging out near me or something. So someone handed me the phone and said, ‘Um, my mother wants to talk to you.’ And I thought it was a joke. The whole time I thought it was her friend. I still quite don’t know if it was her friend or her mom, but I knew that I had to talk to someone’s mother to hang out with somebody