Attracted to Brosnan and Moore

Surely we’ve all heard those love stories about women being swept off their feet by their prince charming and being carried off to their castles and living happily ever after. The question is, does this really happen in real life? ‘Laws of Attraction’ staring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore approaches love more realistically and gives romantic comedies a new spin by steering clear of the sugar-coated fantasy, and instead shows the reality of it, heartaches, embarrassments and all.
As a rich and famous divorce lawyer, Audrey Woods (Moore) is prim and proper and riding the waves of success by never having lost a case. She plays the game strictly by the book, and has such a pessimistic and staunch outlook on love that she spends her nights watching TV alone in her apartment and immersing herself in her work. She tells herself that she is successful, independent and without time for a man, until one day, a new lawyer, Daniel Rafferty (Brosnan) comes to town and completely tears down the walls she has built for herself, both emotionally and in her career. The two come head-to-head in court and Moore’s perfect record of cases won is smashed by a man who appears to be the complete opposite of her. Instead, Brosnan is unconventional, wears wrinkled suits to court and knows exactly what buttons to push to make Moore angry. He flusters Moore and brings her out of her stiff and reserved life, and the two continuously butt heads throughout the movie.
What makes this movie different from other romantic comedies is that Brosnan never tries to charm Moore by being a sweet guy who gives a woman flowers. He’s instead a little mean and appealingly uncaring. He never sweeps Moore off her feet or carries her off into the sunset. He instead knocks her down and drags her along through the complicated hurdles of love.
They both go through the agonizing pain that breakups are plagued with, and while there is a happy ending, the plot isn’t your typical boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love kind of plot. The story is instead less about the sappy puppy love kind of romance, and more about the kind of struggles people go through when they really love each other.
Another reality-inducing factor is that Moore isn’t your typical princess in need of love. She’s instead a haughty, insecure and wildly successful lawyer who doesn’t believe that she needs a man in her life. And because Brosnan is nowhere near Prince Charming either, the story isn’t the kind one would expect for a romantic comedy.
Romance is instead portrayed in a different light. Those awkward moments people have when they’ve done something embarrassing, messy divorces or those horrible heartaches that only chocolate can fix are something a more mature audience can relate to.
Older audiences will also be pleased with Brosnan’s role in the film. Tall, dark and handsome, Brosnan will appeal to those women who like their men suave and charming.
With the debonair and smooth aura Brosnan exudes, he still plays right into the comical figure, steering far away from being intimidating or unapproachable. And even with the charming demeanor, Brosnan doesn’t play a womanizer who doesn’t know how to treat women with respect. He instead plays a man who is sincerely in love with someone, and genuinely gets his heart broken. People will feel sorry for him, and feel his pain instead of rolling their eyes at an unrealistically perfect man.
While Moore’s character was supposed to be portrayed as a lonely and quirky woman, Moore didn’t fit her character’s comical purpose. She was no match for the laughs Brosnan created, and her character probably could’ve been played by someone just as beautiful but more capable of comedy.
But despite Moore’s lack of comedy, the chemistry between her and Brosnan seemed so sincere and genuine that they appeared to be any loving couple walking down the street.
No tiaras, no white stallions and no corny pick-up lines. ‘Laws of Attraction’ didn’t try to make anyone cry with happiness or portray relationships in a fairy-tale kind of light. Sure, there was a happy ending, but it wasn’t without lots of heartache and lots of alcohol.
Basically, there are no moonlight walks on the beach and sappy marriage proposals. Instead it has unintentional marriages, one-night stands and lots of alcohol. Sure, some people would rather have the fairy tale, but ‘Laws of Attraction’ is reality.