KUCI Moves Locations Across Campus

At the bottom of the Middle Earth hill, next to the Engineering Interim Classrooms, it looks as though the KUCI radio station has been buried by tons of dirt. But don’t worry, it’s not even there anymore. Plans to move the entire KUCI trailer have been around since it was decided that a new parking structure would be built in that part of Lot 18C.
Visiting the new location behind the Science Library is a surreal experience. Since KUCI was literally picked up and moved from EIC to its new location, everything from the scratches on the doors to the stickers on the walls are the same.
DJ Sean Boy Walton noticed how disorienting it is to step outside of the same building and look at a totally different scene. Instead of seeing EIC and Phase Two Middle Earth dorms, he sees a different parking lot and the butt end of the rotund drum that is the Science Library.
For those who are still unaware of what KUCI is all about, it is an independent radio station broadcasting at 200 watts on 88.9FM. The best part about this station is its philosophy. KUCI has few restrictions on what their DJs can or cannot play and these restrictions are what make the station so cool.
DJs aren’t allowed to play anything mainstream