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Society of Arab Students

Category: International

Member count: 110

To promote awareness of Arab culture, heritage and politics. To promote Arab awareness to society and community.

There are three to four events every two weeks, including Monday general meetings. They have political activities every few months, such as political awareness and protests.

President Osama Abuljebain


Upcoming Event(s):
‘On Thursday, we will be selling falafels, tabouleh and hommus on Ring Road. In early June, we will have an Arab orchestra ensemble,’ said Osama Abuljebain, fourth-year political science major and president of SAS.

Why join this club?
‘After 9/11, Arab culture needs to be identified to the community as loving and peaceul. People should get involved to understand the Arabic culture, language, social heritage, music, and basically to get well-introduced to their Arab-American fellow citizens. And we make an amazing falafel sandwich,’ Abuljebain said.