New Stuff From Pepper, The OC, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 and Sugarcult

Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Soundtrack
Various Artists
Maverick Records
By Max Velasco Knott
Staff Writer

Signature to Quentin Tarantino’s epic style, the soundtrack, like the movie, is an eclectic mix of genres and themes. Taking off with a collection of 15 tracks (plus one hidden track) hand-selected from the movie and carefully compiled into ‘Kill Bill: Volume 2, Original Soundtrack,’ Tarantino emphasizes Western and Spanish styles, shifting from the fast-moving action of the first movie to a more emotionally suspenseful style in the second.
Opening with an introductory monologue from the movie and inserting key scenes throughout the album, the disc recreates the theatrical experience. The journey begins with a diverse collection of soft reflecting sounds easily overlooked in the movie experience.
The album further reflects the movie by continuing with lyrically-themed tracks and the final confrontation between Bill and the Bride.
This Tarantino-flavored album will compliment any collection and be appreciated by any fan of the movie.

‘In With the Old’
Volcom Entertainment
By Tracy Ung
Staff Writer

‘In With the Old’ is Pepper’s follow up to 2002’s ‘Kona Town.’ Pepper, a three-piece band from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, has a unique sound that is a big bold blend of reggae, funk and smooth island rhythm.
One of the remarkable things about this album is that the tracks on this album are extremely diverse in terms of both sound and tempo