The End of the Line for the First Class

College is about finding out who we are. It’s about shaping ourselves to fit into tomorrow’s world. We ultimately discover ourselves by following in the footsteps of those before us; to think of the thousands of people, who developed norms, constructed tradition and manufactured success. Could you imagine a world in which we were the inventors of a new day, where there are no footsteps to follow?
Just three short years ago, UC Irvine began a women’s water polo team with Erica Horman, Melissa Fernandez, Nerissa Reidenbaugh, Lauren Volcan, Brianna Foulds, Rebecca Wedemeyer, Tiffany Frish, Michelle Carey, Amie Prichard, Marion Gee, Erika Ranes and Meghan O’Donnell. In doing so, the university inadvertently gave a few good women the opportunity and power to be the trailblazers of tomorrow. The dedication it takes requires more than just great talent. It involves knowing and loving what you’re doing.
‘I fell in love with water polo my freshman year in high school