Control Pleasure for Progress

Aggression is never a behavior I display after smoking marijuana or engaging in pre-marital intercourse.
In fact, on those occasions, I have to avoid pugnacious people in order to maintain my buzz.
Before discovering the freedoms of sex and psychedelia I was dead set on following my father’s footsteps and joining the military.
Attempting to understand my former inclination toward this occupation and sudden departure from it has led me to analyze my influences, environment and psychosexual development since birth.
I am beginning to believe that a faction of our society demonizes sensual pleasure as a means to manipulate desire and shame, propagating the military-industrial complex.
First and foremost, genital mutilation (circumcision) is initiation into the military cult. Your favorite UCI social anthropology professor may inform you that most warring cultures or dominator societies engage in mutilating their children’s genitals. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that still continues this abhorrent practice in public hospitals.
Circumcision is where sex encounters violence for the first time. The antiseptic administered by the nurse will often give the baby his first erection. The most highly innervated tissue containing irreplaceable secretions is removed without anesthesia under the guise of tradition and/or hygiene. Later in life, foreskins release male pheromones, which signal to other males their relation. Without the prepuce that produces molecular messages, men are more anxious and quicker to assert dominance over one another.
Circumcision is just one element of religious tradition that suppresses sexual realization.
I attended an all-boy, private Catholic high school that instructed students to remain abstinent until marriage. Masturbation was never mentioned in lecture. They also taught that the body was a ‘temple for God’ and therefore all drugs were evil except for the legal ones. On graduation day I noticed that all of the boys enlisting or heading off to a military academy were clean and sober virgins (with poor tastes in music).
No more a coincidence than a governmental ‘indecency’ crackdown coinciding preemptive war activities.
The Pentagon recently stated that pictures of returning coffins are offensive to the families of dead soldiers.
Are coffins more or less offensive than Janet Jackson’s breast? The authorities must define morality in their own terms as a means to avoid criticism for their own immoral actions and leadership.
Be sure to flush out your system before applying for that federal position after graduation. Uncle Sam has revamped drug testing and will be invading your privacy frequently to ensure that you are not too relaxed. They must still think stoners support terrorists.
Interestingly, the radical Islamic terrorists and the Bush administration actually agree on something: banning gay marriage. Apparently these guys never discovered their G-spot (the prostate gland, located two to three inches above the rectum, surrounding the bladder) and believe me … it feels good.
The U.S. president has stated that he wishes to protect the sanctity of marriage, therefore implying the immorality of homosexuality. He must mean protecting the sanctity of an economic institution.
After all, marriage was invented solely for the purpose of property exchange, women being the property.
The idea of romantic love between a man and a woman forming the basis of marriage did not come about until the Middle Ages. Moral opponents of homosexuality argue that it is not natural. Are blow-jobs natural? That’s funny, blow-jobs are illegal in many states.
Speaking of heads bobbing, music (aural pleasure) is by far the most underrated form of communication in America and maybe the most regulated. Anyone who thinks that the public airwaves still belong to the public probably believes that only the most deserving artists receive Grammys.
Repetition of music and familiarity encourages routine; the listener becomes the instrument of ‘progress.’

Kevin Collins is a fifth-year English major.