News in Brief

Spring Election Results Delayed due to Internal Disputes
After the ASUCI polls closed on April 23, a formal announcement of the winners has yet to be released.
Following the election, some candidates were subject to review after their opponents filed complaints against them claiming that they did not adhere to the proper ASUCI policies and procedures.
Candidates involved in these cases include presidential candidates Russ Marchewka, William King Lewis and Gabriel Ayass, executive vice presidential candidates Alexander Fuqua, Ryan Sanders and Tammy Nguyen and vice president of student services candidates Ji Son. A hearing is set for May 4 during ASUCI’s weekly legislative council meeting.
Candidates with the highest number of votes include Gabriel Ayass who is currently the projected winner for the office of the president.
Tammy Nguyen and Ji Son were both disqualified from the election due to failure to comply with certain election policies. According to the ASUCI election guidelines, each candidate is required to submit a financial statement and provide receipts of all expenses related to each of their campaigns.
Although both candidates turned in their financial statements they, did not attach the necessary documentation and thus were disqualified from the election. Adam Boothby is the projected winner for vice president of student services.
Upon resolution of the hearing, winners will be announced.