Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Opens May 5

Once the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror officially opens this week, there will be one more thing around just as terrorizing as midterms and fifth week.
Located in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot region of Disney’s California Adventure, the Tower of Terror’s grand opening is set for May 5. The premise of the Tower of Terror places guests in a ‘lost episode’ of the ‘Twilight Zone’ television show. In fact, those up to par with their ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes and trivia will find that many of the props and other decorative elements used in the Tower of Terror experience pay homage to specific episodes of the Emmy-winning TV show, which was on-air from 1959 to 1964.
Those brave enough to withstand a 13-story free-fall in the 183-foot-tall building are led through the dusty lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel in all of its untouched, completely preserved as-is glory since its desertion in 1939 upon the mysterious dissapearance of five guests traveling in the service elevators.
Thrill-seekers are then ushered into the hotel library to view the lost episode of the ‘Twilight Zone’ before entering the boiler room of the hotel to board the service elevators and test their limits.
At the pinnacle of the journey, the elevator doors open to reveal a panoramic view of Disneyland and surrounding Orange County.
Be forewarned