Career Fair Prepares Us for the Worst

How great a feeling it must be to know that the hard work you put into studying late for finals and midterms, reading textbooks upon textbooks, and let’s not forget the large amount of loans you accumulated over the years all paid off in the end.
It was a bit depressing for me to walk around Ring Road last week during the career fair to see the types of jobs where I do not even need a B.A. or a B.S. to be working for. Attending a school that is a part of the best public university system in the world, I would like to think my fellow peers and I could do a better job than working customer service at a department store at South Coast Plaza, a job many students already have.
Wow, customer service at Robinson’s May or Macy’s sounds like a great opportunity to utilize the types of research experience and vast knowledge that I attained here at the university. Knowing that I will be working with people who probably never even went to college, some who didn’t finish high school, or to know that my shift manager is going to be someone younger than me who had been working there since he was 16, sounds peachy after my years of hard work here at UC Irvine. Now, some people might be thinking that these are summer jobs being offered, but no, ladies and gentlemen