Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Have you ever wondered if a girl really has a G-spot ? Have you ever wondered why guys seemed to be so attached to their penises? Want to know where to touch your lover?
The answer to these questions and many more can be found in Goofy Foot Press’s recently released fourth edition of ‘Guide to Getting It On!’ by Paul Joannides.
Complete with shameless drawings and diagrams depicting the wide variety of human genitalia as well as exploratory sexual positions, the book integrates statistics, interviews and Dear Abby-like Q-and-A segments and includes a glossary of terms.
As a warning, if you are not completely comfortable with viewing explicit drawings such as someone going down on a woman, view the book in private so as not to become embarrassed or inopportunely aroused. Of course, if read with the right person, the book can be a tool that will not only lead to interesting conversation, but can also open up the opportunity for physical experimentation and exploration. There doesn’t seem to be an aspect of sex, relationships or romance that the book doesn’t touch upon.
The massive 700+ page sex bible combines more generic sex topics such as gender issues and STDs while successfully tackling more erotic topics such as masturbating, bondage and fetishes.
The sex guide has something for everyone as it is targeted towards all audiences of all sexualities and ages: male, female, gay, lesbian, straight, young, old, experienced, married, single, divorced, frustrated and/or adventurous.
The sex guide is frank and uncensored and yet remains smart and sophisticated. Sociologists will like the book because it focuses on gender trends, perceptions of sex in society, the history of sex and the origin of Barbie while offering its own unique twist.
College students and older adults will like the book because it offers delightfully playful suggestions for your partner’s optimum gratification while offering informative advice for safe sex.
To satisfy a woman, the author suggests placing a finger or two inside the vaginal walls and making a ‘come here’ motion where the fingers bend slightly at the joint as if gesturing someone to (appropriately phrased) ‘come here.’
In order to give your man the best hand-job possible, the author says having your partner place your fingers on his penis the way he does while masturbating will lead to the perfect grip.
While the author suggests adding lubricant to make foreplay or intercourse more enjoyable, he notes that only water-based lubes should be used during sexual intercourse and inside the vagina.
Inspired by ‘an artist’s conception of how the tyrannosaurus had se,’ the book offers insight as to how it’s done in the animal kingdom and ways to incorporate the wild into your lovemaking ritual.
It’s safe to say that ‘Guide to Getting It On!’ is the most comprehensive, bold book on sex available in stores today. Although the author offers suggestions of what may bring your partner the ultimate level of satisfaction, he carefully adds that what may feel great for one person may be abhorred by another. He emphasized the importance of communication on all sex subjects especially when it comes down to what feels good.