The Northstar Of the Indie Rock Galaxy

You begin to warm up to the first song. Then, before you know it, you are feeling the incredible music and lyrics of Northstar. Originating from Huntsville, Ala., Northstar appeared at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on their second trip to California along with other bands such as Chronic Future, The Fight and Moneen.
Northstar is composed of four members: Nick (lead vocals, guitar), Tyler (guitar, vocals), Shawn (bass) and Gabe (drums). Not surprisingly, the name for Northstar was inspired from an anime called ‘Fist of the Northstar.’ Gabe was the earliest original member of the band, which started in 1997. The current members of Northstar have been together for about two years and are currently signed with Triple Crown Records (Hot Rod Circuit, Voice of Reason). They just recently toured with The All-American Rejects as well as Taking Back Sunday and are on their way to more adventures.
Just before the beginning of their show, I found the band hanging out in front of the venue, talking with some fans. They have likable attitudes that are admirable.
Later, I was surprised to walk in and see that Northstar has already established a fan base. They were popular with most of the crowd already familiar with their music. New listeners were already starting to have a good time.
Northstar’s lyrics are down to earth and the music is intense. With heavy distortions, each band member was very strong and very good at what they do. Each captured the crowd in their own way.
Their newly-released limited double disc edition titled ‘Pollyanna’ includes tracks from the previous album as well as new songs. I especially enjoyed the music from ‘The Accident Underwater.’ It was like Goo Goo Dolls meets Nirvana. I also loved the riffs for ‘Digital Me.’ Their whole album is definitely recommended.
The atmosphere of the venue made everything especially enjoyable. Chain Reaction is a cozy little joint that evokes a kick-back attitude with a secret back-alley feel that somehow still manages to remain out of harm’s way. They have band after band lining up to play for just about anyone with any music preference. When I caught up with the band after the show, they were tired but happy. The band, sunburned from playing a show at Cal State Fullerton earlier that day, enjoyed playing indoors despite the hot and stuffy atmosphere from all the kids packed in a small room.
When asked about the most difficult part about being a band, Nick (lead vocals, guitar) talked about the importance of learning to be around people 24/7 and being able to let things slide and just relax. ‘Writing music and playing what I love is the most rewarding part about being in Northstar,’ Nick added.
The four talented men of Northstar make music that is easy to listen to while at the same time makes one feel the urge to move. They are on their way to the top.
Check out their newest release, ‘Pollyanna’ currently in stores.