In recent weeks, shocking photos and videos were leaked to the media depicting the torture of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops, and this led many Americans to question the motives of our government. So we went out on campus and asked the inevitable question:
Have the events of the past two weeks changed your views on the Bush administration and the war?

Saul Martinez
second-year, criminology
I feel that we can do no more wrong and we should bring the troops back home. I mean, you can’t blame this on one person. This whole war is bullshit and I’ve never been in favor of it. I hope that these events will open the eyes of other people as to the injustices that are going on, because this has been happening for a long time, and it’s sad that people have to see pictures to actually believe it.

Megan Trotter
first-year, psychology
My thoughts on the Bush administration haven’t changed all that much. I haven’t been a big supporter of this war. Just with the recent Iraqi prison scandal, it further proves that we’re in there for the wrong reasons. Even the people that were supporting us in the beginning of the war just want all American forces out. I just feel that we went there for the wrong reasons and we’re still in there doing more damage than we could have done. We went in with good ideals and now they’re all lost. It’s just pointless for us to be there.

Nehlah Musbah
third-year, psychology and social behavior
I was never in support of the war to begin with, so I guess the events just reinforced my opinion. My opinion didn’t change. I think now people are a little bit more aware. Before, everyone was really gung-ho about the war and going in there and fighting for Iraqi freedom and getting the dictator out of there. I think now people are now questioning what their government is doing and not just following and believing everything the government is saying. It’s kind of nice, because I feel like the truth is finally out in the open.

Peter Gabrio
first-year, English
Basically, I think that the Bush administration hasn’t had the most solid and straightforward approach. They haven’t addressed the American people directly since the beginning of this war. It hasn’t really changed and this has been the biggest weakness of the administration. You can’t really back something that you don’t know about. I don’t think the administration had anything to do with the events of torture. The administration had control over the layout of the war. In a situation like that, the people at the top aren’t going to have much influence on that. It’s not something you can blame on the administration.

Freddy Billimoria
fourth-year, economics
On the one hand, you can understand what it’s about. You can understand that freedom does have its price. It doesn’t come by easy, that you wake up one day and everything is fine and dandy and you can do what you like. There are some sacrifices. But then on the other hand, you’ve got to look at it like, if that were my brother or my kid going to war, and if I wasn’t told the truth about it, I’d be pretty upset. It’s a pretty big step to go to war, so you better have your facts straight. I was pretty upset about that because you hope that you’re getting some semblance of truth when that big a decision is being made. So I don’t have one particular stance on the war. It’s something that I go back and forth between.

Charlene Cervantes
third-year, sociology and social science
I definitely think that it’s a negative thing, only because it doesn’t really help our country at all. Instead of having the U.S. soldiers helping the Iraqis, the opposite is going on. For the most part, people don’t really know what’s going on in the world. We don’t really get to see what’s actually going on outside of the United States, because the media is so biased, which is why society in itself looks at what went on and turns it into a reality check. It’s about human rights. For the Iraqis to be treated so badly, it brings up the question of humanity. Stuff like that shouldn’t have gone on in the first place. We’re supposed to be a democratic country helping another country become democratic. This doesn’t really justify our democracy when we bring out negative ideals, which is not how Americans actually treat other Americans.