You, Me and Iowa All Have UC Irvine Origins

As individuals who are self-proclaimed to be ‘polite enough to bring home to your mom; cuddly enough for your little sister, rocking enough to blow your pants off and leave you panting for more,’ You, Me and Iowa is not your average indie rock band. In fact, they steer clear of anything too punk or angry, creating for themselves a softer image within the punk-ed out Orange County music scene.
Since Sept. 2003, the official line up of You, Me and Iowa has consisted of drummer Antony Benedetti, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Carroll, vocalist/keyboardist Brian Boarini, vocalist bassist Ryan Julio, vocalist/guitarist Tizoc Estrada and guitar tech/guru Ryan Olson.
The origins of You, Me and Iowa actually dates back to 1994 when Bendetti and Carroll began the band in the sixth grade in Sonoma, Ca.
‘We decided music rocks, let’s be in a band,’ said Benedetti. ‘It just developed from there.’
And so it did. The band stayed together until 2001 when they graduated from high school and went on their separate ways to college