Marriage Equality Celebration

OUTspoken and the Irvine Queers held a Marriage Equality Celebration event on Ring Road on May 17 to celebrate newlypassed legislation in Massachusetts which formally legalizes same-sex marriages within the state.
The Marriage Equality Celebration was a part of a larger, celebration put on by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center which started a week before this event.
Event Coordinator Freddie Diaz, a fourth-year international studies major and Spanish minor, decided to have the rally to honor the newly passed law in Massachusetts.
‘I think it’s important that we, as an LGBT and straight community, unite the entire nation, saying what Massachusetts did [to legalize] same-sex marriages should happen everywhere,’ Diaz said. ‘It’s not only a state thing in Massachusetts that people are looking forward to it but also people in the entire nation, including California.’
Every member of the LGBT community had a role in Monday’s event in one way or another.
‘I’m a volunteer at the LGBTRC, and I’m just out here to show support and make these little bracelets