True Lakers Fan or Bandwagon Tag-Along?


Of all the things in this world that can be quantified, love, especially one’s love for the Los Angeles Lakers, is not one of them.
In effect, trying to attach a scale of worth to an entity that is non-quantifiable is nearly impossible. Universal criteria regarding what exactly someone has to say or do to be able to say they are a Lakers fan will never be established. Besides, what makes one person, or group of people qualified to determine who the true Lakers fans are. Fanaticism can be crazy sometimes, but it shouldn’t be a cult.
When it comes down to separating true fans from the pseudo-fans and the pseudo-fans from the haters, the boundaries are severely undefined.
Those who have court-side season tickets to the Lakers aren’t necessarily bigger Lakers fans than the people who religiously watch the Lakers games at home.
Among those who watch the games from home there are still further divisions of fanaticism