AFI Defends Peaceful Dialogue

For the past two weeks, our campus has witnessed the kind of hateful instigation and confrontation that you usually only read about in newspapers or see on the news. The activities of Society of Arab Students and Muslim Student Union have created an unbelievably vicious atmosphere here at UCI. Some of my Jewish friends and I have been yelled at outside classrooms. We’ve seen a precious symbol of our religion, the Star of David, put on signs and desecrated by having swastikas drawn on it or next to it. And then we’ve seen people who are supposed to be our fellow students carrying those hateful signs, chanting and marching down the street.
In the face of this, my organization, Anteaters for Israel, has been committed to peaceful dialogue on campus. Trying to engage people who seem to desperately want to antagonize us doesn’t make our task any easier. But we were founded on the gamble that quietly educating people who hate us will be more successful than open hostility. The fact is, we’ve done a lot of work, with little help from SAS and MSU, to prevent exactly what happened to the SAS’s paper mache wall. But that’s only one of the reasons why I was so frustrated when they had the nerve to accuse me or my organization of being involved with a hate crime.
The political details in Israel are important for understanding exactly the level of SAS and MSU hypocrisy in this scandal. Israel is in a tough situation