ASU and NSA Drum Louder Than Ever

Over 200 people showed up to celebrate the culture of Africa for the third annual African Cultural Night held at the UCI Student Center on Friday May 28. The night was comprised of music, dancing, poetry, a panel discussion and an authentic African dinner.
The event was coordinated by the Afrikan Student Union and the Nigerian Students Association.
ASU, consists of approximately 70 UCI students and NSA of about 20.
The purpose of the event is to expose audience members to different parts of African culture and promote overall cultural awareness.
Obinna Awaji, a second-year biology major and co-chairman of NSA commented on how far ahead of time the club began its preparations for the nights event.
‘We started in fall quarter, that’s our main thing every year, to plan for this event,’ Awaji said.
The chairman of NSA was impressed with the events showing, ‘This is a big turnout