Continued Acts of Hate, Says SAS

More than a week after the cardboard wall constructed by the Society of Arab Students quickly burned to the ground, the UCIPD is investigating the incident as a hate crime. Because new details of the investigation may be uncovered in the near future suggesting that the incident is not a hate crime, the categorization is subject to change.
According to SAS President Osama Abuljebain, the incident with the wall is not the only act of hate in the past against Arabs and Muslims on campus.
Since the incident, Abuljebain said he has received electronic hate mail, including one e-mail that contained a racist message.
‘[It was] basically saying all Muslims should die … they just presented something against the wall, which showed that it was an attack on Arabs and Muslims because basically they flat out said all Muslims should die in the e-mail and the administration has a copy of it,’ Abuljebain said.
Although the e-mail was sent from a Yahoo! account rather than a UCI account, Abuljebain explained that NACS is attempting to track where the message was originally sent from in order to catch the perpetrator.
Abuljebain expressed that other hate incidents which have occurred on campus over the past four or five years show that the burning of the cardboard wall is a hate crime.
‘There are things that prove this is a hate crime because it happens