Monday, February 24, 2020
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Airsoft League

Category: Athletics/Hobby

Member count: 5

To provide a low-cost, legal venue for airsoft enthusiasts; as well as to arrange intramural teams for tournaments. Airsoft is a wargame simulation much like paintball. The main difference between paintball and airsoft is in the type of guns and ammo used in each sport. Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms that shoot 6 milimeter plastic bbs.

Eater Airsoft meets once a week (usually over the weekend) to play a tournament. ‘Currently we have found a free location in Riverside near March Airforce base, it is owned by the U.S. military and they allow airsofters to play free of charge,’ said Brandon Powell, first-year criminology major and president of Eater Airsoft. ‘We also found a private property in Dana Point that is a possible free location. Another possibility is private property in Trabuco Canyon near Irvine lake in the City of Orange. As Eater Airsoft develops we plan on hosting an annual tournament from a paintball or airsoft park. More information will be available as the project progresses.’
Contact: President Brandon Powell


Upcoming Events:
Club meeting Wednesday June 9th at 4pm, Emerald Bay A in the Student Center.

Why join this club?
‘It’s all the thrill of real life counterstrike, but none of the bullet holes,’ Powell said.

Club Web site: