Burning of Wall Prevents Cooperation

As most of us are gearing up for finals, getting that summer job, planning out our summer vacations or buying books for summer classes, a majority of us will probably forget about the impact that recent incidents on campus have had on many individuals and organizations.
Having covered all the events that happened over the last two weeks in our newspaper, it has come time for our writers to put down their notepads and pens and simply think about what will happen next.
On June 19, many of the clubs and organizations will take on new leadership roles, ready to start fall quarter with a continuing or perhaps even a new vision for their respective organizations.
For clubs like the Society of Arab Students whose wall was torched two weeks ago, who claims to have had ‘mild confrontations’ with Anteaters for Israel and whose president received notorious ‘hate e-mail’: Will the situation simply dissolve?
As students and citizens of this world it is imperative that we put our pride aside and develop the courage to learn from the past and apply it to the future, no matter how much it may sting our pride. One of the most influential civil rights advocates Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘courtesy towards opponents and eagerness to understand their viewpoint are the ABCs of nonviolence.’
Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. followed in Gandhi’s footsteps; and despite many setbacks achieved what African-Americans had never experienced before