Reggaefest 2004

The Student Center lawn was filled with music, free food and excitement, creating an all-around positive atmosphere. Beneath the bright sun, UCI students were finally feeling the anticipation of summer with just two weeks left of school.
‘We’ve been having [Reggaefest] for several years now,’ said fourth-year political science major, Arnab Banerjee, one of the campus events commissioners for ASUCI. ‘This is basically a celebration of Reggae culture as well as a way of giving back to UCI students. Free food, free beer, free frozen margarita drinks. It’s just a way to celebrate the culmination of the end of the year. It’s really a chill atmosphere and I think a lot of students like to come out at this time of the year right before finals and just have a good time right before they have to start studying.’
‘We planned the budget for the event,’ explained fourth-year international studies major Roopa Atluri, one of the festival’s commissioners for ASUCI. ‘We meet with the pub to make sure how much beer we can get, we have to order the food ourselves; look around and see which restaurant is going to give us the best for our money.’
‘A lot of work goes on here that people don’t realize,’ said Tara Townsend third-year film studies major and ASUCI commissioner. ‘We started setting up like this the Thursday before.’
In addition to Oktoberfest and Wayzgoose, Reggaefest is one of the main festivals that ASUCI puts on annually. Unfortunately, the weather this year has been unkind to the festivals