The Tri Club Picks up the Pace for UCI

Participating in one sport can leave someone with hardly any free time, but what if you participated in three different sports simultaneously? What’s that like?
Believe it or not, UCI has its very own Tri Club, an ARC recreationali club that was formed just over a year ago by undergraduate Tom Dixon.
‘He wanted to give himself a challenge and see the amount of discipline it took to be a good competitor,’ said Co-President Livi Kerszenbaum.
Dixon created the Triathlon Club and asked Steve Eisenhaur, a recreational swim instructor for the ARC, to coach the team. Eisenhaur agreed.
Now, more than one year later, the club has grown from two to 14 individuals, made up of both undergraduate and graduate students. Anyone can be in the Tri Club without the need to be involved in all three sports (swimming, biking and running).
Some people just join for the fun of it while others take it seriously and compete in various triathlon events. All club members go through an intense workout schedule every week. Full triathlon athletes train eight times in six days with each practice being an hour- and-a-half long. They run three to six miles and bike 20 to 30 miles a day. They also swim three times a week at the ARC’s pool, but in the summer they do ocean swims at Corona Del Mar.
‘We realized that in order to do good we needed a coach. Elite coaching is important to being competitive,’ Kerszenbaum said.
Coach Eisenhaur plays an active role in teaching the team how to train for multi sports and prepare for triathlon events.
The club’s season runs from April to November with a majority of their events taking place in the summer. Club members put tremendous amounts of energy during the summer to keep the club active.
Now in it’s second season, this small, yet powerful team has created a name for itself through top individual standings in recent races.
Their first triathlon event of the season was the USAT Collegiate National Championships on April 24 at Lake Havasu, Ariz. The race was the Olympic distance: 1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike ride and 10-kilometer run. USAT (also known as USA) governs all multi-sports in the USA and conducts a number of triathlon events during the year.
Four Tri Club members went and competed at the event. Undergraduate Enrique Flores, who also swims on UCI’s swim team, finished with a time of 2:23.20. Melanie Moore, a recent graduate from UCI, finished the race in 2:28.01. Fellow undergraduate Melissa Alderete crossed the finish line in 2:51.35. Kerszenbaum ended in 3:08.47.
The club again sent four of its members to the Carlsbad Triathlon in Carlsbad, Calif. on May 23.
The race was a sprint distance that consisted of a one-kilometer swim, 25-kilometer bike ride and five-kilometer run. A total of 1,063 athletes participated in the event.
Two of Irvine’s very own took top honors. Moore came in at a time of 1:25.12 and finished first in the 20-24 age group in the Women’s Division and was the 14th woman overall.
Flores crossed the finish line in 1:22.01. He placed third in the 20-24 Men’s Division age group and came in 58th overall on the men’s side.
The Tri Club has already stamped a name for itself in the triathlon world in only it’s second season. They have already started the race as individuals, as a team and as a club. Looking back is not an option. This team is only looking forward.