Awesome Alternatives to Commons Food

Welcome to UCI, the corporate food chain center of the world. Plan on finding it difficult to grab a cheap meal that isn’t fast food and prepare on running into more Cheesecake Factories than you can shake a stick at. I’m here to help you get by, college style, by informing you of options that are both delicious and more affordable than the more obvious than the TV dinners and Taco Tuesdays at Del Taco.
Contrary to what many people believe, Irvine has a lot of great places to go for food. For example, the best place nearby for 24-hour burritos is Alejandro’s off 19th in Costa Mesa. It’s the cheap, fast, greasy stuff that has become one of the more popular destinations at two in the morning.
If you’re looking for a juicy spot for lunch, you’ll have to swing by the Union Street Carvery over on Harvard and Main in the Raplh’s shopping center. They have hands-down the best sandwiches in town for a decent price. Look for their two-for-one deal in Coupon Corner.
Thinking noodles but only have 20 minutes for lunch? Hit up Asia Noodle Caf