Shrieve’s Presence Is Long Overdue

Athletics is a compromise between your integrity, perseverance and excellence.
All of these things put together not only push our student athletes to thrive on competition, but also enocurage the staff and people behind-the-scenes to make this athletic community a great place to be.
UCI has recently lost its former Associate Athletic Director Petrina Long.
Although we have lost one of the descendants of UCI’s long chain of athletic support, we have gained another anchor on UCI’s department of strength, reliability, compliance and hope.
Stephanie Shrieve is UCI’s new associate athletic director. Shrieve said she is in charge of ‘supervising student sports services and compliance in all of our sports programs here at UCI.’
Shrieve is a Big West Alumna, a former Cal State Fullerton team captain as well as scholar athlete during her junior and senior year for CSUF’s Women’s Volleyball team.
Shrieve’s desire to present a competitive attitude both on the court and in the classroom will make her a role model for UCI’s athletic teams.
‘What attracted me to UCI was the integrity of the student athletes. I’d really like to have contact with the athletes and do whatever I can to help them,’ Shrieve said.
Shrieve will be working close to Bob Chichester, UCI’s current Athletic director.
And if you know Mr. Chichester, then you know that we’ve got a great advantage over other schools in our conference.
‘It was an easy transition,’ said Shrieve. ‘Our people will make us successful. Being on the same page with our staff is what will keep us successful. I’m here to build and develop athletic administration and the coaching staff into a team that succeeds in all arenas.’
For many years, UCI has been recognized for its academic commitment to its students, so it’s with good reason that a lot of our school pride and spirit is sustained because of academics.
In order to spread that same spirit to athletics, Shrieve hopes that more of the student body will become involved in boosting Anteater pride.
‘We’ve really got to pound the pavement with our pride,’ said Shrieve. ‘Students get students to games. We all need to make a commitment to each other to come out to each other’s games and events. We as an athletic administrative staff want each of you to find a niche, and [we] make it our responsibility to get students involved and support competition on the field, the track or on the court,’ Shrieve stated.
With Stephanie Shrieve as the newest member to our team, it is all of our responsibility to bump her a good pass so that she can set us up for success.
If we as students and student athletes can maintain this relationship, then the ball will always be called in our favor.