VDC Complex Provides Transition

Vista Del Campo has been referred to as ‘the rich place,’ ‘a resort,’ ‘the place where everything looks the same’ and simply, ‘too nice.’ No matter what your opinion of VDC may be, it is definitely an innovative alternative to typical college living.
Owned by a non-profit housing organization called the Ecumenical Association for Housing, VDC was built on land donated by UCI. Currently managed by the developers American Campus Communities, the ground-lease agreement states that at the end of 40 years, the ownership of VDC will then be turned over to the university.
Planning for this community began almost three years ago with discussion between the developers, the university and even student focus groups.
When the model was opened last year, many students were impressed by what they saw: private bedrooms, a full kitchen and living room, bathtubs and the promise of a fully furnished apartment with resort-level amenities. But many were also floored by the price of the apartments.
Leasing by bed, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment on a 12-month lease costs $560 per person.
Considering the amenities included