Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Letters to the Editor

Native-Americans Have Right to Land
The same myopia that led many Americans to somehow justify an illegal, preemptive war against Iraq unfortunately seems to be a play in the campaign currently underway to tax Native-American casinos located on sovereign Native-American land in California.
The Proposition 68 ads feature agonized white people (with a few people of color thrown in an attempt to detract from the racist nature of the message) looking into the camera, eyes brimming with tears of righteous indignation, positing the rhetorical question: ‘When did Indians casinos get our OK to make $8 billion a year? I didn’t vote for that.’ My response? Why should Native-American tribes need our permission to make money? Did we need their permission when we, as a white race, stole their land, wiped many of them out with disease and attack, ethnically cleansed them from their land and then imprisoned the survivors in reservations? Did they vote for that?
The only reason that gaming was confined to reservations in the first place was so that our pure Anglo communities wouldn’t be sullied by so ignoble an activity as gambling. It’s only when the money started rolling in for the Native-Americans that we suddenly discovered how unfair the system was. What little remaining land that we did not steal from the Native-Americans is now legally recognized as sovereign. In other words, it is rightfully theirs to do with as they will. So please, please, enough already with the weepy, whiney, teary protestations. I mean, really, I haven’t seen so many white people shedding tears since Ronald Reagan died.

Ronald O. Richards

Fashion not Important
Is there really so little to opine on that an opinion column about socks and sandals must be written? Socks and Sandals belong in the fashion section of the newspaper, not the opinion section. In this time of education budget cuts all around, more attention should’ve been focused on the $3 billion dollar bond proposal, proposition 71. Not only does this proposition borrow money from the already dry General Fund, it also initially denies funding for the area of stem cell research that has proven to work. Stem cells taken from adult and umbilical cord blood, is the area where most, if not all, of the medical breakthroughs have taken place.

Harvey Herela
ICS major