Nintendo Successfully Fused Story of the Year, lostprophets, My C

If fusion is by definition, ‘The act or procedure of liquefying or melting by the application of heat,’ then the Nintendo Fusion Tour on Sept. 28 at the Grove in Anaheim reduced the house to liquid magma.
In anticipation of the show, fusion-goers entered played video games, entered concerts and checked out the latest in Nintendo gaming technology. VH1 cameras were even present to cover the event.
Complete with a larger-than-Texas sized belt buckle, tight pants, cowboy boots and his signature handkerchief, Matt Sheldon, lead singer for Letter Kills, took the stage, instantly winning the crowd over. For the last song of their set, Sheldon jumped off-stage into the crowd to mosh and crowd-surf while singing.
While the show was extremely well-received all-around, out of all the bands performing, it appeared as if My Chemical Romance, who played immediately following Letter Kills’ set, and headliners Story of the Year. My Chemical Romance has been steadily gaining both attention and fans since the June 2004 release of their most recent album, ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.’
Lostprophets played after My Chemical Romance as direct support to Story of the Year. The lostprophets currently have two videos circulating on MTV. ‘Last Train Home’ and ‘Wake Up (Make a Move)’ are frequenting MTV and MTV2 respectively.
Playing to a entirely full house, Story of the Year sealed the show performing hit singles ‘Until I Day I Die’ and ‘Anthem of Our Dying Day’ off their album ‘Page Avenue.’ The term ‘high energy performance’ is tossed around and affixed to so many bands, especially in this fast-paced, rock hard genre of music; however, with their constant movement, synchronization and backflipping (yes backflipping) Story of the Year arguably takes the concept of a ‘high energy performance’ to a new level. In addition to providing an album-quality performance, Story of the Year provided so much visual stimulation that it was virtually impossible to lose interest.