Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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The ‘Blue & Gold Report’ Show Hits KUCI Airwaves

Mark Roberts is one of the newest hosts at KUCI. His segment is the ‘Blue & Gold Report,’ which aired it’s first show this past Tuesday evening.
But Roberts always dreamed about becoming a radio host and sports announcer, right? Wrong. Sports announcing happened by chance for Roberts.
While pursuing an acting career, Roberts was asked at the the last minute to fill in as an announcer at a high school football game when the original announcer became ill.
His impromptu announcing gig resulted in a job offer.
Roberts confidence in public speaking, acting background and passion for sports was all it took for the Cal State Los Angeles graduate to make sports announcing his career.
However, do not confuse sports commenting with public-address announcing. Roberts provides an in-depth play-by-play commentary for men’s basketball and baseball events on his show at KUCI.
A public-address announcer, on the other hand, addresses an audience that is already present at the event
‘[Public address announcing] is for people that are already there so they can hear they can hear the statistics and facts of the game and players while watching the game’ Roberts said.
In order for the audience to feel like they are at the game, Roberts describes them as his ‘friends at a party that I’m entertaining. I gear the broadcast so that those listening on the radio will feel included.’
‘I think the audience, at a point, begins to establish a comfort zone with the announcer and hopefully a fondness for the way he describes the game. Who he is becomes the most important link between UCI athletics and the game they are not at.’
Prior to each event, Roberts does extensive homework on each team.
‘I memorize everything about every player not only on our team but the opposition [as well],’ Roberts said. ‘Where they went to high school, what year in college they are, how many points per game they average, how tall they are and what they’re weight may be. I try to know the physical characteristics that would identify them so I’m not just saying a name on the air.’
After working for the Continental Basketball Association for two years, Roberts called his friend Bob Olson, assistant athletic director for athletic communications at UCI.
Keeping contact with Olson launched Roberts’ sports announcing career at UCI.
Roberts credits Olson and UCI athletic director Dan Guerrero for his extraordinary opportunity to announce for UCI athletics.
‘It has been the best 11 years working with UC Irvine,’ Roberts said.
And what better way to share his enthusiasm with the UCI community than to chat with the athletes and coaches. With the help of KUCI and the support of the athletic department, Roberts decided to do a weekly radio show to showcase UCI athletics.
Roberts’ new radio show, called ‘Blue & Gold Report’ will provide an inside look behind UCI athletics.
The show airs Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and will feature coaches, administrators and student-athletes.
‘I think we can reach to some people who are not part of basketball and baseball that can identify what [a coach or student-athlete] lifestyle is like,’ Roberts said. ‘I will ask the guests deeper questions about what it is like playing in a key game in a key moment or how did they get to this situation in their lives and where it may take them.’
Roberts believes ‘that it will give a very good overview of all the athletic departments, not just baseball and basketball.’
For Roberts, the show has been long overdue. ‘With the help of KUCI producer Kevin Stockdale and Olson, the show will be very entertaining for anyone involved with UCI,’ Roberts said.
The show will include a recap of the previous week’s sports highlights as well as upcoming sporting events at home and away.
The ‘Blue & Gold Report’ will be archived online and can be heard Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m. on KUCI.