Two Fins Up to a Hilarious ‘Shark Tale’

Yes, it’s another fish cartoon and no, it’s nothing like ‘Finding Nemo.’ Now that we’ve settled that, ‘Shark Tale’ can be appreciated for what it is: a fun and hilarious film about a little fish who thinks he’s a nobody and wants to be a somebody, or a somefish, technically.
The movie is full of witty and random jokes which are sure to keep audiences laughing the entire time. Some jokes are so subtle that you’ll have to watch it again to appreciate the genius behind it, but some subtleties are so cleverly inserted that you can’t help but appreciate the screenwriter’s ability to tickle your armpits when you’re not looking.
If you liked ‘Shrek,’ you’ll love this film; other than being another DreamWorks production, ‘Shark Tale’ has even more of those clever off-the-wall jokes that children and parents can enjoy on different levels.
‘Shark Tale’ follows the life of a small fish named Oscar who is voiced by the multi-talented Will Smith. Oscar dreams of bigger and better things, but is stuck living the life of a whale washer at the local whale wash, where whales have turtles spinning in front of them for a ‘turtle wax.’
One day he is mistaken for killing a great white shark, and Oscar’s luck takes a turn. Dubbed ‘The Shark Slayer,’ Oscar is mistakenly accused which eventually brings him head to head with the shark mob.
Great white sharks rule the reef, and Lino, the biggest Don of them all, voiced by Robert De Niro, is out to get Oscar for supposedly killing his son, Frankie. Lino’s other son Lenny, voiced by Jack Black, is the black sheep of the great white mob, and is even a self-proclaimed vegetarian.
Lenny wants to be accepted for being a kelp lover, and while the whole accept-me-for-who-I-am theme seemed a little clich