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Construction to Begin in Spring

After much planning and several delays, the Student Center and Cross-Cultural Center are scheduled to undergo construction to begin Phase IV of the planned expansion process next spring.
In 2001, UCI students passed a proposal for the cooperative development of the Student Center and Cross-Cultural Center. By approving the expansion proposal, students will pay an extra $89 each quarter once construction is completed and the buildings are in use.
Current floor plans show the new Student Center will be 78 percent larger in size. The Cross-Cultural Center will grow to twice its current capacity. In addition to the expansion, the centers will also be architecturally renovated, adding another component to UCI’s already aesthetically pleasing grounds.
Construction initially was scheduled to begin in the summer of 2004, but it has been delayed due to the escalation of steel prices in the world market.
‘Phase IV expansion of the Student Center as a modified design build went out to bid at a very inopportune time when the price of steel in the world market was going through the roof, and the project came overbid,’ said Marc Tuchman, Student Center director.
According to Dan Dooros, interim executive director of Student Affairs Auxiliary Services, the project is currently in the process of negotiation. Because initial bids for the Student Center’s expansion were higher than designated funds, Phase IV is now in the stage termed ‘Best and Final Offer.’
‘During this phase, a series of private, one-on-one meetings take place between representatives from UCI’s Department of Design and Construction and the two design build teams bidding on the project,’ Dooros explained. ‘In these confidential meetings the design build teams will propose design solutions and innovations, which, if implemented, will reduce costs while maintaining the Student Center’s programming goals.’
The existing Student Center will undergo dramatic changes over the next three years before construction will be finished in Spring 2007.
The Student Center’s existing open plaza, containing the information desk, Zot Zone and UC Items, will be among the list of services that will be torn down and relocated to the second floor of the new center. Food facilities such as the ‘Eaters Food Court and an additional food court, which will include the Anteater Pub and other dining, will also be relocated to the second floor in the new building.
Once completed, the structure’s architectural fa