Halliburton at Odds with the Environment

Last Thursday the Los Angeles Times published an article having to do with a recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding oil and gas firm Halliburton Co.’s self-developed practice of drilling, known as hydraulic fracturing, and its effects on the drinking water in the surrounding area. Just last week an EPA employee of 30 years claimed the study was not carried out properly and, due to possible inaccuracy, may be a hazard to the public’s health.
Vice President Dick Cheney has come under much scrutiny over the last four years because of his employment at Halliburton prior to his running for office. Cheney was chief executive at Halliburton from 1995 until August of 2000, when he decided to step down to run for vice president.
Cheney claims to have severed all ties between himself and his former employer, yet Halliburton has found itself in favorable positions in the past four years, like the billions of dollars in no-bid contracts they managed to secure from the Bush administration to rebuild postwar Iraq. The Bush administration has given Halliburton another large benefit by continually supporting hydraulic fracturing