FEAR Tales form UCI and Beyond

Like many other UCI students before you, you may consider this place to be pretty boring and devoid of anything worth talking about. Well, here are some spooky, parallel-universe-type stories that UCI students have found to talk about throughout the years. Yes, UCI has its own share of ghost stories. Now, light up that flashlight, stick it in front of your face and say ‘muahaha.’

UCI Urban Legends

If you’ve ever driven down Campus Drive, you know that the area between University Drive and Jamboree Road is pretty dark, empty and downright chilling. And if you’ve ever driven through that section very late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, you know that a white mist blankets the road and makes the already dark and winding street look a little creepier. So if this isn’t a good place to set up a ghost story, I don’t know what is.
There are a few different interpretations of this story, so maybe you have your own version.
‘They say that if you’re by yourself or with several other guys and you pass a certain section, a girl will appear in your passenger seat and the only way to get rid of her is to drive out of that area,’ said Tina Kim, a fifth-year psychology and social behavior major. According to Kim, this ghostly jogger targets males because of the way she died